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Redemption Policy

Giftiicon Solutions India Private Limited believes in helping its Users as much as possible and hence, we have a simple Exchange, Refund and Redemption Policy. The Exchange, Refund and the Redemption Policy is a part of the Terms of Use of the Platform. Any capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meaning assigned to them under the Terms of Use which govern your use of our “Giftiicon” application for mobile and handheld devices. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled/ refunded/ under any circumstances except in the manner captured below.

 The “Giftiicon” application is referred as the “Platform”.


  1. You are eligible to place an exchange request. However, the gift should be of the same value or of the higher value. In case of higher value of gift, the differentiate amount to be paid at the time of placing the Exchange request. 

  2. You can place the exchange request at the Company’s customer care or at the store at the time of collecting the order. 

We maintain a list of all fraudulent transactions and non-complying users, and reserve the right to deny access to such users at any time or cancel any Orders placed by them in future.


The refund request from the User shall be entertained only if the voucher is valid and refund will be made in the form of Giftiicoin which can be used in the following purchases by the User. 

There will be no additional fee for the Refund. 


  1. Once an Order is placed for a Product through the Platform, no cancellation of the Order shall be permitted.

  2. The validity period of Redemption Code for each product is for 1 month from the date of the purchase. The Users will be notified about the arrival of the expiration date, the possibility of extending the validity period and the method of extension by in-app notification or SMS for at least 3 times, including 7 days before the validity period.

  3. You shall be entitled to place an extension request with the Company until 1(one) week prior to the date of expiration. You are eligible to place only one extension request for one Redemption Code.

  4. Giftiicon shall not take any responsibility in case the Sender provides wrong personal details of the Receiver like phone number, address etc. However, the Sender can modify the Receiver details prior to redemption of the Redemption Code generated.

  5. You shall be only entitled to cancel your Order and claim a refund for the Order placed (as your sole and exclusive remedy) in case you do not get the confirmation of the Order.

  6. Orders may be cancelled by the Company in any of the following cases: 

  • if it is suspected that a User has undertaken a fraudulent transaction, or

  • if it is suspected that the User has undertaken a transaction which does not conform to or violates the Terms of Use, or

  • in case of unavailability of Product(s), or

  • for any reason which is beyond the control of the Company.

For such cancellations, the Company shall initiate the process of refund within 72 (seventy-two) hours and should refund the payment, if any, made by you under the relevant order within 10 (ten) working days.

Further, while precautions are being taken to ensure accuracy of product specification, the details of the Product as reflected in the Platform may be inaccurate due to technical issues, typographical errors or incorrect Product information and in such an event you shall be notified as soon as such errors comes to the notice of the Company. In such event the Company reserves the right to cancel your Order and grant credit or refund the value of the returned Product.  

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