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6 Amazing Navratri Gift Ideas

Navratri is one of the most widely celebrated, auspicious Hindu festivals. Navratri is celebrated for a span of nine days across different states in our country during the months of September or October.

It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. Indians do not miss any occasion to make their loved ones feel extra special. And Navratri being such an important festival, it is no surprise that we spend a lot of time planning and executing the gifts.

Here is a list of Six Amazing Navratri Gift Ideas to make your life easier:

1. Assorted Snacks Hamper – A set of chocolates and nutties will make for a delicious gifting

option. It is not only tasty but will also provide the required boost of energy after fasting periods. Try the Zest Hamper Khushiyan available on Giftiicon.

2. Reed Diffuser - Make sure that your house smells beautiful amidst all the house parties. Gift an Iris Reed Diffuser to your friends and family and they will always enjoy their happy place in various fragrances like lavender and lemongrass.

3. Spa Treatment - Show your love and care by gifting a special spa treatment from Giftiicon.

Choose from a wide range of spa treatments offered by Bodycraft and let their stress of the

entire year melt away during Navratri.

4. Flower Bouquet - When it comes to gifting, flowers will never go out of fashion! Gift a

gorgeous Ferns N Petals flower bouquet from Giftiicon to say you love them, without

actually saying it.

5. Books - We all have a friend who likes to be by themselves, away from all the noise and

celebration with a book in their hand. For all those bookworms, there is a wide range of

books from Crossword available at Giftiicon. Show them that you know exactly what they


6. Lucky Bamboo Plant - Gifting lucky bamboo plants from Ferns N Petals to your loved ones on Navratri is a unique idea that will fill joy to their celebrations, enhance the beauty of their

house, and promote the concept of green gifting.

Enjoy this beautiful festival with your loved ones and leave the gifting duties on Giftiicon.
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