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Letter of intent to become a partner

We, the undersigned …………………………………………… company incorporated under Companies Act 1956/2013 having registered office at …………………………………………. Represented by Mr./Ms…………………., Director of the Company be and is hereby declared to enter into a business arrangement with the Company.


By accepting this Letter of Intent, we hereby declare our intention become a partner on the company’s platform and ready to sell the product through the application named “Giftiicon” which is owned and controlled by Giftiicon Solutions India Private Limited.  


Company has developed an Online-to-Offline gifting platform which allows consumers and businesses to avail the services (“Services”); and


By accepting this Letter of Intent, we hereby agree following Responsibilities, as a Partner


  1. The Partner shall evaluate the Services for the purpose of entering into a definitive agreement at a later stage;

  2. The Partner shall provide Company with such information including but not limited to the product catalogues and price of the products offered by Partner, official email domain and website etc. as and when requested by the company.

  3. The partner shall update the company in event of changes and revision in the product or product pricing.

  4. The partner shall provide all the information related to technical integration, POS etc. whether held with the partner or being held with a third party, whenever is required by the company intended to integrate with company’s platform.

  5. The partner hereby agrees to enter into the definitive agreement with the company at a later stage.

  6. The partner hereby agrees to pay commission or any other charges for the co- brand promotion as per the mutual discussion.      


Confidential Information


The Partner shall not disclose any Confidential Information to any person except to its employees, directors, advisors or consultants on a need to know basis, who have prior to the disclosure of or access to any such Confidential Information agreed in writing to receive it under terms at least as restrictive as those specified in this Agreement or to such persons who are required to perform the Services under this letter of Intent.


“Confidential Information” for the purpose of this Agreement shall mean all the information’s whether in writing or oral and whether specified as confidential or not, including but not limited to data, figure, design, audit reports, any information gathered by the partner while getting onboard or while communicating and which the partner would come across in pursuance of the partnership and be made available to the partner by Company (whether stored in electronic or print format).



Further you acknowledge and undertake that you are associating with the company through the Platform and you are using the best and prudent judgement before entering into contract through the Platform. You further acknowledge and undertake that you will use the best effort to provide detail and documents required for the integration. 

These terms in the letter of intent at (“Privacy Policy”) constitute a legal and binding agreement (“Agreement”) between you and Giftiicon Solutions India Private Limited (“Giftiicon”) providing, inter alia, the terms that govern your association by selling your product/service  through online portal at (“Portal”). Please read the terms of this Agreement carefully before agreeing to it

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