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Do you know Giftiis?

Giftiis is the character of instant social gifting app Giftiicon.
Friendly and charming Giftiis will capture all generations' emotions.
Please stay connected to see more fun and exciting world

that will be created by Giftiis in the future!




The world is nothing to her but a big ball of love. Hearty Believes in all things pink and mushy. She loves sweets and has zero doubts about the existence of unicorns.

#Love #Pink #Sweets #Unicorns

Motu is a huge fan of cricket, and is born with a passion to know every new technology. He loves to try every cuisine in the world and has a secret crush on Hearty.

#Foody #TechSavvy #SportsFan



A friend you go to when you need to vent. Letterman is the best listener you have who has the perfect shoulder to cry on.
He is your all-time cheerleader.

#Listener #BFF #MovieFan

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